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The person behind Modus Management

Elsebeth Grue Enggaard is the founder and owner of Modus Management. Elsebeth possesses more than 20 years of experience as development and process consultant for a large number of scandinavian companies and organizations. Apart from being a competent development consultant, Elsebeth is characterized by possessing a high degree of empathy and an enormous amount of joy and energy - all of which ensures an invaluable presence during all activities.



The meaning behind Modus Management

Modus means way or method. And the name is chosen with care as it precisely is ways and methods for development and change processes that is our speciality. 


Modus also means mode. We believe that it is essential being in or bringing yourself into the right mode - the right modus - to succeed in your professional role and thus reach your desired goals.

As individual human beings we sometimes need inspiration and support to discover and explore the possibilities to make it happen. We support you in finding that exact modus.  


Consultants and business partners

  • Jack Hindborg, ILTI House - business partner in relation to leadership, employee and team development - focussing on motivation, communication, cooperation, team performance and development of a strong feedback culture
  • Karsten Pirchert, KPI Consulting - business partner in design and completion of tailored leadership- and sales programs
  • Lena Jørgensen, Minds at Work - business partner in relation to stress and mindfulness, business- and lifecoaching and career counselling
  • People Test Systems - business partner and provider of person analyses, logic analysis, team analysis, 360 degree leadership performance analysis and job satisfaction assessment tool

     Elsebeth Grue Enggaard is accredited instructor at People Test Systems and certifies thus development and recruitment consultants and HR persons in the tools listed above.

Our strengths as consultants:

  • that we are able to understand our customers' business and to uncover the proper needs and wishes
  • that we are able to define clear, qualitative goals for the development processes we carry out through goals that are directly linked to the company strategy and business goals
  • that we are solid and competent facilitators who know how to work towards a goal making sure that the development process is relevant, meaningfuld and motivating for the persons involved
  • that we possess a high level of energy and strong belief in our contributions
  • that we focus on the positive to increase the positive...

Modus Management A/S  •  Haraldslundvej 61  •  DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby  •  E-mail: mail@modusmanagement.dk  •  Tlf. +45 51556444  •  CVR: 31364590